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So, How Much Does a Class Cost?

Samantha Smith
Tuesday at 9PM (EST)
10 participants
$10 per class

LyveBee makes finding the right class for your budget incredibly easy. As all our classes are priced based on demand and time, so you can choose the class that you want to take, at a price that suits you best! What does that mean for you exactly? You will always get the cheapest price possible, for the highest value.

What Kind of Classes Can I Take?

Choice is everything, which is why we don’t limit you

Want to take a one-on-one class? You can. Want to take a group yoga class? You can. Whatever your desire, we have qualified instructors to lead those classes!

Some top choices: Yoga, Pilates, Mediation, HIIT, Zumba, etc.

We get it, commiting to one thing is hard. So…don’t.

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